There are many services that cannot be used in China even if they can normally be used overseas. In order to help STRIDER CUP ASIAN CHAMPIONSHIP participants from overseas, we have prepared a group chat in WeChat, the most used social app in China. Participants can use it to get around this country they may not be used to, or to have a good time in the area. Don’t know how to use the taxis? Not sure how to reach the venue? Want to ask good restaurants in Beijing? No matter what your purpose is, even if it’s just to chat with other participants, please give our chat a try! We plan to add the number of English- or Japanese-speaking Chinese STRIDER users by the start of the championship, and we hope this will let you discover a new China!

Install WeChat on your smartphone (Usage instructions can be found on the Internet).

Read the above QR code using WeChat. The group chat will open automatically.

All that’s left is to talk about things you want to ask or know about in the group chat! Help us make it a positive community!



Event Date: April 29 2018, Sunday

Registration(Foreigners): Priority registration period, Starting from Feb 1 15:00 to Feb 26 15:00, 2018 Beijing Time

General registration period, Starting from March 1 15:00 to March 28 15:00, 2018 Beijing Time

*There will be priority registration period for foreigners. During the period once the number of registrations reach 100 (Limit per class; 2&3 years old 30 racers, 4&5 years old 20 races), it will be closed. General registration period starts in March 1 when anyone can register including foreigners.

Registration(Mainland Chinese):  Starting from March 1 15:00 to March 28 15:00, 2018 Beijing Time

Venue: Hong Chang Jun Sports Leisure Park / http://www.juntiyu.com/

Address:NO.88 Laiguangying East Road,Chaoyang District,Beijing

Hosted & Run by: STRIDER CHINA

Supported by: 青島坤度贸易有限公司(STRIDER山东省总代理)/ 成都魔堂科技有限公司(STRIDER四川省总代理)/ 北京骑创体育发展有限公司(STRIDER北京市总代理)/ 广州童均信息科技有限责任公司(STRIDER广东省总代理)/ 沈阳酷娃商贸有限公司(STRIDER辽宁省总代理)/ 骑乐会

Entry method: Fill out the required information on the dedicated entry page and submit the application. After confirmation of payment, your entry will be complete. Entries are on a first-come-first-served basis, and registration will close when full.

Registration Fee: 36USD(Including insurance / Registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE

Race Schedule: Click here.【Note】This schedule is temporarily set and could be changed because of the rnumber of the racers who will register. We will publish a finalized one on April 6th.

Race Class:

2 years old:Limit 132 riders(on a first-come-first-served basis)Qualified born between April 30 2015 and April 29 2016

3 years old:Limit 132 riders(on a first-come-first-served basis)Qualified born between April 30 2014 and April 29 2015

4 years old:Limit 132riders(on a first-come-first-served basis)Qualified born between April 30 2013 and April 29 2014

5 years old:Limit 88 riders(on a first-come-first-served basis)Qualified born between April 30 2012 and April 29 2013

Race Rules:  The race rules follow the common global rules as established by STRIDER. Please be sure to click and check 2018 STRIDER CUP ASIAN CHAMPIONSHIP Race rules before entering.

Regarding rainy weather:  As a general rule, the event will continue regardless of weather. However, if stormy or previous-day weather worsens course conditions, or hinders the functionality of vehicles, there may be cancellations.

Coming soon…


Tour Date & Time: 7:30 to 18:30, May 1 2018, Tuesday

Capacity: About 30 families

Meeting place: Grand Metropark Hotel Beijing /北京维景国际大酒店 (No.2 Beisanhuan East Road, Chaoyang, International Exhibition Area, Beijing, China)

Dismissing place: Grand Metropark Hotel Beijing /北京维景国际大酒店 (No.2 Beisanhuan East Road, Chaoyang, International Exhibition Area, Beijing, China)

*If you apply for having dinner with everyone, please get off a bus at a restaurant place. We will announce it on a bus.

Destinations: Destination A – The Great Wall / Destination B – The Summer Palace

Tour Charge: Adult USD 38 / Kid USD 19 (If your kid is taller than 120cm, adult charge will be applied.)

*Tour charge includes entrance fees to 2 destinations.

*Tour charge needs to be paid in advance to book your seats.

*The charge is non-refundable.

Dinner Charge: It will be between 150 and 200 RMB (except alcohol order)

*A restaurant will be chosen after we learn how many people come.

【Tour schedule】

7:30 am   Meeting at the Grand Metropark Hotel

7:45 am   Leaving the hotel

9:30 am   Arriving at the Great Wall

11:30 am Leaving the Great Wall

11:50am   Lunch

12:50pm   Departure

2: 30 pm   Arriving at the Summer Palace

4: 30 pm   Leaving Summer Palace

5:30 pm Dismissing at a restaurant place

6:30 pm Dismissing at the Grand Metropark Hotel

*Please note the schedule will change because of the traffic or other factors.

【Dinner schedule】

6:00 pm   Meeting at a restaurant

9:00 pm   Dismissing

*You can only come to dinner.

*You can leave whenever you want to.

Meeting time is 7:30. The earlier the better. The buses will leave the hotel at 7:45. Please try to get to the meeting place as early as possible. We must leave at 7:45.

You may bring your Strider and take a picture with it. That would be something you can show off to your friends!

This is one of the best tour spots in Beijing. You can feel Chinese deep history just by walking around here.

Get to know each other more and have fun together! This may be more fun than Strider cup! *Please note a restaurant will be decided after we learn how many people come.  

STRIDER PUMP TRACK, a full-scale course with ten bumps, and a total length of 48.5M, landed in China just last year. Once kids get on, they just keep on coming!

Who will be the fastest in Asia? STRIDER SPRINT, a straight line competition open to all ages, opens in China to find out who the fastest rider really is! Planned for 50M and 30M lengths.

A 50M competition for four (or three) people working together in a group. Some friendly rivalry between countries and things should heat up!

You won’t believe your eyes when you see this huge STRIDER bike at the venue. Snap a commemorative shot and surprise everyone!

An international room has been prepared for cross-cultural exchanges. Interact with children of various countries through many different games!

A gigantic, 1.3 km long kart racetrack can be found adjacent to the venue. Event participants get a 40% discount! Parent-child seats are okay, and adults can have lots of fun too!

One can say that everyone has seen this symbol of China on TV at least once. We recommend to come to Tiananmen Square and look at the city scenery.

For hundreds of year, only the emperors and their family were permitted to enter this World Heritage. One can truly feel 4000 years of Chinese history.

This famous place has a stair climb that laps around the park, which brings you a 360° view of Beijing districts, as if being in a movie.

This famous tourist attraction is easy to go to even if you cannot speak Chinese. If you come to Beijing, you have to see the Great Wall at least once!

北京骏酒店  JUN Hotel

Address:北京 朝阳区 崔各庄乡善各庄村西宏昌竣体育公园内(朝阳区来广营东路88号)/ NO.88 Laiguangying  East Road, Chaoyang  District, Beijing, China

Distance to Venue: Approximately 0Km (In front of the venue)

Taxi:Approximately 0 RMB

北京望京华彩智选假日酒店  Holiday Inn Express (Beijing Wangjing Huacai)

Adress:北京朝阳区望京广顺北大街16号 /16 North Guangshun Street (Guangshun Bei Dajie) Wangjing Area Beijing China

Distance to Venue: Approximately 4.2Km

Taxi:Approximately 17 RMB

北京昆泰酒店 Kuntai Hotel

Address:北京朝阳区望京启阳路2号 / No.2 Qiyang Road Wangjing Area Beijing 100102 China

Distance to Venue: Approximately 5.4Km

Taxi:Approximately 20 RMB

北京望京智选假日酒店 Holiday Inn Express (Beijing Wangjing)

Address:北京 朝阳区 望京阜通东大街6号院6号楼 ,近望京高新技术产业园,望京soho / Building 6, Yard 6, East Futong Street (Futong Dong Dajie) Wangjing Area Beijing 100102 China

Distance to Venue: Approximately 6.6Km

Taxi:Approximately 23 RMB

北京金枫酒店 Jinfeng Hotel

Address:北京朝阳区酒仙桥彩虹路798北门  / North Gate, 798 Art Zone, Caihong Road (Caihong Lu), Jiuxianqiao Wangjing Area Beijing 100015 China

Distance: Approximately 8.6Km

Taxi:Approximately 29 RMB

Questions?(English & Japanese)

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at



If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at